Driving Industrial Excellence: Autonomous Mobility with Skylla Fleet's AMR Robots - Unleashing Potential, Unrivaled Performance.

Implementation in Diverse Industries

AMR can independently operate and are being introduced in various industries. These robots possess capabilities such as path planning, obstacle avoidance, and navigation, often requiring minimal or no human management. The following benefits are appealing to various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail, and hospitality, which are the main reasons for the growing demand for AMR.

Accuracy and Consistency

Skylla's Jetstream Controller allows robots to deliver consistent quality, eliminating mistakes that human errors. This could potentially improve product quality and customer service.

Human-Centric Motion

Jetstream technology's human-centric motion, as the name implies, features behavior that is human-centered. The technology is sensitive to human movement and behavior and has the ability to constantly recognize and adapt to their presence. By responding to human movement, the technology is able to complete tasks efficiently while maintaining a safe environment.


Using the Jetstream Server, multiple robots can be controlled at once. This technology allows you to easily add, move, or reconfigure AMR, flexibly responding to increases or decreases in workload. This way, you can maintain productivity and efficiency even when business needs change.

Real-Time Data Collection

AMR can collect and analyze real-time data in collaboration with sensors. This improves the efficiency of operations and provides insights to support decision-making. Furthermore, using the Jetstream Server, these insights can be visualized in real-time, helping managers quickly and efficiently understand the information.


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