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Skylla Fleet: Harmonizing Human Brilliance and Robotic Precision.

Skylla Technologies

A Comprehensive and Integrated Platform for Robot Control and Management

Jetstream CORE

A robust control system for autonomous robotic navigation, equipped with an intuitive mapping interface to facilitate precise movements.

Jetstream SERVER

Advanced monitoring, integration, and management solutions for robotic systems, ensuring seamless operation across various applications.


Empower your robots with advanced mapping capabilities, enabling efficient pathfinding and environmental interaction.


Enhance your robots with sophisticated sensors for detailed positional awareness and collision avoidance, ensuring safety and reliability.

Robot Arm Control

Manipulate with precision using a robotic arm interface designed for ease of operation and complex task execution.

Fleet Management

Streamline operations with effective coordination and monitoring tools, designed for overseeing a diverse fleet of robots.

The Jetstream Controller controls each robot individually, and all of these are managed by Jetstream Server

Examples of utilizing Jetstream with DMG-Mori's robots

Jetstream Controller is a specialized control unit designed to manage the movement and operations of DMG-Mori's Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). It serves as a key component in ensuring the efficient, precise, and safe functioning of each individual vehicle, playing a pivotal role in task execution and movement control. On a larger scale, when numerous robots are at work, the Jetstream Server steps in. This advanced system is capable of overseeing and managing multiple Jetstream Controllers simultaneously, thus ensuring a coordinated operation of the entire fleet of AGVs. This centralization not only streamlines the management process, but it also optimizes task allocation and execution among the robots, which can lead to enhanced operational efficiency and productivity. With the integration of the Jetstream Controller and Server with DMG-Mori's AGVs, we see a flexible, efficient, and highly coordinated robotic operation. Real-time tracking and management of each AGV is made possible by the controller, while the overall control and task distribution are handled efficiently by the server. This results in an effective decision-making and planning process, offering a high level of visibility and control over the entire operation.

Specifications and Features
User Interface Integration* Behavior and Technology
Map creation: Map Switching Lidars: Up to 4 over Ethernet/USB Human centric navigation: Human movement modeling
Map editing: Real time map and AMR visualization Cameras: Up to 2 over Ethernet/USB Dynamic obstacle avoidance: Automatic path planning and adjustment
Point of interest/Goal creation: Region creation Batteries: CAN BUS to USB Top speed of 2.5m/s: 0.3mm end effector endpoint accuracy
High accuracy dock creation: No programming behavior development Robot PLC: Ethernet 30mm docking accuracy: Hardware in the loop simulation for layout testing
Sequence/Rail behavior goal creation: On premise data collection for insights * Integration with industry standard sensors and hardware such as lidar and cameras. Including Hokuyo, Basler, sick, and Keyence. Holonomic drive supported: Mecanum drive supported
As of early 2023, Bespoke Robot Specifications

Experience lifelike motion with our human-centered robot

Seamless collaboration with our human-centered fleet, designed to work harmoniously alongside you for a more efficient and enjoyable work environment.

Redefining Accuracy with Advanced Robot Vision

As the leading performers in the realm of mobile robotics, our dynamic machines surpass all others, offering unparalleled precision in every operation.

Explore a new frontier in safety

Discover the perfect fusion of precision and safety with our advanced robotic technology, ensuring accurate results while prioritizing the well-being of your workforce.

Intelligent visualization for a smarter productivity

Harness the power of intelligent visualization for smarter productivity, as our cutting-edge jetstream platform provides real-time insights and adaptive solutions to optimize your manufacturing process.


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