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Jetstream Core

The Skylla Jetstream Core is a robot intelligence platform. It features cutting edge human-aware navigation, giving robot manufacturers a competitive edge with developing fully autonomous robots. Jetstream Core interfaces seamlessly with existing sensors and motor control systems, vastly reducing development costs and enabling fully automated robots at a low cost.

Jetstream Core is being used worldwide in a variety of different environments such as factories and train stations.

Jetstream Server

Jetstream Server is the management server for all Jetstream Core units, it allows the operator to orchestrate, plan, and coordinate individual robots with a convenient web interface. It allows data such as maps, points of interest, and operations to be shared among your robots on site, as well as keeps all your data secure on premise.

Navigation and Docking

Skylla's cutting edge navigation will allow your robot or automated vehicle to be reliable and flexible. Using multiple sensor input types and classification techniques you can be confident that your robot will be able to navigate and dock safely, efficiently, and accurately.

Skylla also proudly focuses on human aware navigation and behavior; even in dynamic or congested environments. With Skylla's Jetstream Core any robot will become highly intelligent and flexible, able to accurately and safely operate. Whether that operation be simply transporting material to a destination, or conducting a custom and complex operation upon arrival.

There are three steps to have your robots become fully automated
1. Complete any necessary hardware integration. This varies depending on robot
2. Once integrated simply walk the robot through the environment it will be working in.
3. Teach your robot what destination you would like to navigate to from the intuitive UI.
At this point your robot is ready to help automate your processes.

High Accuracy Docking

Perceptive Navigation

User Interface

Robot Management

With the user interface anyone will be able to intuitively set up a robot in the desired environment. Teach it goals, operations, set up desired paths, and run the robot. Additionally the user can easily get robot details and diagnostics from their robots.

Fleet Management

Several robots can be deployed within the same space. Our intelligent multi robot management tool will create efficient planning to optimize pathing based not just on the robot's immediate surroundings but also taking into consideration the other robots being managed in the space. These details can be managed from the user interface for maximum efficiency in your automated space.

Data Insights

All operations conducted by your robots are recorded and stored withing the Jetstream Server on premise. Using our data analytics tools provided by the user interface the robot operations are linked with your processes and immense insights can be provided. Process information such as times, inventory, and material are provided giving you point to point transparency on your operations.

Collaboration With DMG MORI

DMG MORI has released the WH-AMR5 an autonomous robot powered by Skylla's Jetstream technologies that has deployed robots to factories internationally. The WH-AMR5 uses Skylla's human aware navigation as well as highly accurate localization systems for precise manipulation of tools and work pieces. Please visit the DMG MORI product website for more information.

DMG MORI and Skylla are collaborating on developing a range of other future facing products.


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